CNMI Department of Finance

Administrative Code: Title 70

Below are the Administrative Codes for the Department of Finance. The Northern Mariana Islands Administrative Code are a prima facie evidence of the rules and regulations and all links below bring you to the CNMI Law Revision Website, approved by Executive Order as the Official Source of administrative rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act in the Commonwealth.

Chapter 70-5: Department of Finance Regulations

Subchapter 70-5.1: General Regulations; Format of Regulations. View
Subchapter 70-5.2: Debt Offset Regulations. View

Chapter 70-10: Customs Service Division

Subchapter 70-10.1: Customs Service Regulations. View
Subchapter 70-10.2: Regulations Providing for Distribution of Headnote 3(a) Production under the Limited Waiver Provided by Administrative Agreement. View

Chapter 70-20: Finance and Accounting Division

Subchapter 70-20.1: Regulations for the Control of Public Funds. View
Subchapter 70-20.2: Government Deposit Safety Act Rules and Regulations. View
Subchapter 70-20.3: Travel Expense Regulations. View

Chapter 70-30: Division of Procurement and Supply

Subchapter 70-30.1: Cost and Price Analysis Regulations. View
Subchapter 70-30.2: Government Vehicle Regulations. View
Subchapter 70-30.3: Procurement Regulations. View

Chapter 70-40: Division of Revenue and Taxation

Subchapter 70-40.1: Business License Regulations. View
Subchapter 70-40.2: Cash Receipts and Compliance Regulations. View
Subchapter 70-40.3: Developer Tax Regulations. View
Subchapter 70-40.4: Overtime or Compensatory Time Worked Service Credit Regulations. View
Subchapter 70-40.5: Operation of Pachinko Slot Machines Rules and Regulations. View
Subchapter 70-40.6: Revenue and Taxation Regulations. View
Subchapter 70-40.7: Third Senatorial District Viewers Tax Regulations. View

Chapter 70-50: Lottery Rules and Regulations

Subchapter 70-50.1: Operation of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Lottery Rules and Regulations. View
Subchapter 70-50.2: Video Lottery Regulations. View

Chapter 70-60: Retroactive Salary Adjustment Payment for Overtime Adjustment Rules and Regulations. View